Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hell In A Briefcase by Brad Whittington and Phil Little

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Want an education in Israeli/Palestinian conflict?

Want a view of life in the Middle East up close and personal?

Want to understand why young women in America are into self-mutilation?

Then pick up a copy of "Hell In A Briefcase".

A lot gets written about terrorism and terrorists and the Middle East these days, so when I read the back cover blurp and discovered this was about terrorism and terrorists and the Middle East...I almost put it back.

But a friend recommended this one, so I took a chance. And got an education that I wish more Americans would get. This war isn't with rational, "we surrender" kind of people...this is irrational, unpredictable, and violent warfare that knows no bounds and no boundaries.

The backstory is Matt Cooper's family. His wife has died, his daughter is traumatized, and his girlfriend is smack in the middle of it all. Nikki can't talk to Dad...and won't talk to she finds her own way of coping with her fear and her anger.

While the writing is well crafted...all of the back and forth between countries gave me a huge case of jetlag...and I was often confused. In all, it wasn't a bad read...just not one of my top twenty books of the year thus far.

"Hell In A Briefcase" gets 3 bookmarks and a tassel from me...but don't let that discourage you...maybe you'd like being a world traveler for a while.

Happy Reading!


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Brad Whittington said...


Thanks for reviewing "Hell in a Briefcase." I always like an honest review that is fair, and yours was. International plots and settings that bounce around time zones and continents are not for everyone.

Based on some of your other reviews, I think you might like the Fred Books better. No high-octane action, just solid, down-home storytelling. Check them out and tell me what you think.