Monday, May 14, 2007

Desperate Pastors' Wives by Ginger Kolbaba & Christy Scannell

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The premise is clever. The cover is cute. As a pastor's wife, I was intrigued.

As a reader, I was bored and mildly offended.

Mimi, Lisa, Jennifer and Felicia all live in Red River, Ohio...but they must gather for lunch forty miles from home at Lulu's Cafe. Too many prying eyes and listening ears, I guess.

Each is dealing with her own personal crisis. Each feels judged and misunderstood by her congregation. Each seems to resent being the pastor's wife, and each is on the verge of wanting their husbands to quit...or to be allowed to resign themselves as the wife of the pastor.

Don't get me wrong...been there, done that. Some of the comments each woman makes have flown from my lips as well. But come on! This isn't a support group...this is whine-aerobics! There's no Biblical encouragement to be found here for pastor's wives.

The husbands come across as insensitive jerks, solely focused on the church and her needs. The wives come across as whiney-babies, not getting their way or getting enough of something that the men are supposed to be providing.

I've been the victim of too high expectations from some. I've dealt with the ringing phone and the constant interruptions. I've sacrificed time with my husband for the church. And I've even resented it a time or two.

But to wallow in it? With other wives? How productive is that?

These women seemed to be caricatures of a pastor's wants a career, one wants a baby, one wants to be left alone, and one wants...well, I'm not sure what she wanted.

As a pastor's wife, I was offended. I was not encouraged at all. This was Desperate Housewives ala church style. So much for a sympathetic ear....

"Desperate Pastors' Wives" gets one bookmark from me. The sad thing is this looks like a series..and I love series...just not this one...

Happy Reading!



Nise' said...

Its hard when you read a book that you didn't like. Sounds like it could be a TV show. I just finished A Bigger Life by Annette Smith! It was excellent!

Amy said...

I looked at this in the bookstore and decided to wait because I was afraid it might turn out to be counterproductive.

Thanks for the review!