Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Widow's Club by Joyce Livingston

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This was an unusual novel for me, and I avoiding picking up a copy for several weeks. But then the urge to buy a new book was great, and it was on the shelf, so I took a chance.

Valentine Denay is a widow at 52, and she is doing well for herself. She is active in her church, financially secure, and has a wonderful group of friends she meets with nearly every day. But she is lonely, and she wants to find purpose in her life.

The story opens with a new neighbor moving in next door to Valentine, and a trip down memory lane as to how she met and then lost her husband. Included on this trip is her high school rival, Barbie Baxter...who turns out to be her new next door neighbor.

This is chick-lit for the older woman! Valentine gets involved in a church fundraising project, which throws her in with a widower who shows an interest in her...or is it Barbie he's interested in...or maybe it's Maggie??

Barbie's arrival challenges Valentine's well settled life, her desire to reach others for Christ, and her decision to stay out of romantic tangles. The Red Hat Society makes an appearance in this book, and they seem to be popping up in more "mature" Christian fiction (i.e., books for the over 50 crowd).

"The Widows Club" is going to be a series. Book #2 is already on the pre-release list at So get in on the ground floor of this new series by a new author, for a new genre of chick-lit Christian fiction.

"The Widows Club" gets 3 bookmarks from me (I enjoyed it, but it did get preachy in spots, especially at the end).

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