Sunday, March 25, 2007

Reluctant Burglar by Jill Elizabeth Nelson

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"Reluctant Burglar" is Jill Elizabeth Nelson's debut novel, and I must is an impressive debut!

Desiree Jacobs is an art expert and a securities expert, trained by her father, Hiram Jacobs to run HJ Securities. We meet Desiree as she inspects the security of the Boston Public Museum.

I had the theme from Mission Impossible running through my head during the entire scene...and that is how this novel an adrenaline filled ride from start to finish.

On Desiree's trail is Special Agent Tony Lucano...or I suppose you could call him the thorn in her side. Insistent on proving she is a part of an international art theft ring, he dogs her every move...until someone makes a series and deadly move on her.

It a race to find out several things: 1) Who killed Hiram Jacobs?; 2) Is there a theft ring; 3) if so, who is behind it all; 4) does the FBI have a mole; 5) will Tony finally deck his partner, Steve Crane; 5) what will happen to the attraction between Tony and Desi; 6) And when, oh when, will book 2 be released??

I can answer one of those questions...Reluctant Runaway just came out, and it's on my "gotta read it" shelf! This is a fun series, filled with intrigue, splashed with romance, a hint of humor (I love Max!), and saturated with faith in Christ.

I give "Reluctant Burglar" four, if I can just get the Mission Impossible theme out of my head...oh, no...not the theme from James Bond!!

Happy Reading!


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Jill said...

Hey, there, Deena! Thanks for the great review.