Monday, March 26, 2007

Sticks and Stones by Susan Meissner

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"Sticks and Stones" is the second novel in the Rachael Flynn mystery series. I enjoyed "Widows and Orphans"--but this was my story.

Susan deals with childhood bullies in this powerful novel. Lawyer Rachael Flynn receives an anonymous note telling her a body is about to be discovered, but the death was an accident--he deserved it, but it was an accident."

Two days later, the body is found...but not like Rachael or Detective Will Pendleton had thought. A 25 year old mystery has just been uncovered, and it is up to Rachael and her new found gift of discernment and Will's detective skills to unravel it.

We have all of the same, loveable characters from "Widows & Orphans" back to help; eccentric Figaro, cynical Brick and Sid, and adorable McKenna. Trace, Rachael's husband, grows uncomfortable with her new way of intuiting things, and she makes an effort to keep him included in all she does--a good lesson for wives (and husbands!).

I say this is my story, because I was that chubby little girl lost on the playground, with glasses and a too grown up way of looking at life. I was picked on, picked last, and bullied for most of my life, and the adults around me seemed powerless.

Those feelings stay with you. As an adult, I still struggle with feelings of inadequacy and of being pointless, worthless. Your parents can adore you, you can know the love of Jesus...but being bullied and tormented can damage you in hidden ways that only God can finally bring healing to.

Get this book. Read this book. Ask God to show you any way you can be a part in stopping the torment in someone's life. Talk with your kids about bullying. Watch out for them. And, above all, pray for those who are hurting where no one can see.

"Sticks and Stones" gets 5 bookmarks from me.

Thank you, Susan, for this timely novel...eager for more from Rachael and company!!

Happy Reading!


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