Saturday, March 24, 2007

Fair Game by Elizabeth White

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Rarely do I read two books by the same author one right after the other. Especially when it's an author I enjoy reading, and I know the next release date is months away. But someone left a comment on my review of "Fireworks" by Elizabeth White, claiming that "Fair Game" was even better reading.

So, I had to find out for myself.

Guess what??

It is!! I haven't enjoyed a read like this in quite awhile.

"Fair Game" opens with this line: "Jana Cutrere had just run over a Black Angus cow in broad daylight." What makes it even more interesting is Jana is on her way home, after many years, as a fully educated vet..."The ink barely dry on her vet school diploma and already she'd committed bovine homicide."

I laughed, I cried...I finished this book in one afternoon.

LeeLee is Jana's 4-year-old daughter, soon to be 5, and she is a hoot and a half! An Elvis fan and a genius child prodigy, she is a handful, and a joy to read about. She's a pistol, and she often has a very original way of expressing herself.

Ty is Jana's 8-year-old son, and he's inherited his mom's love for injured wildlife. He is absolutely adorable! When he finds the injured deer...
well, I'll leave that for you to discover.

Complicating things is Grant Gonzales, a crush from Jana's past and an avid hunter. Combine that with a wildlife preservationist, and you have sparks that rival any in "Fireworks"!

Fun, heartwarming, real, and alive...that's what this novel is. I found myself wanting to hang out with LeeLee, give Jana my shoulder to cry on, and shake Grant a few times! And when Ty went off hunting without Grant...well...

I enjoyed "Fireworks"...I LOVED "Fair Game...and I can't wait until "Off the Record" comes out in late summer, early fall. I've been a fan of Elizabeth White's for a long time now...and I don't see myself changing my mind ever, with writing like this.

Get a copy of "Fair Game" and enjoy!

I give "Fair Game" 4 bookmarks.

Happy Reading!


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