Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Dragonwell Dead by Laura Childs

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"Dragonwell Dead" is book #8 in the Tea Shop Mysteries, and it is as good as the last cup! Drayton, Theo and Haley are back--and they are trying to figure out whodunit once again, while creating new tea blends and yummy recipes (found in the back of the book).

Theo and Drayton are enjoying the Spring Plantation Ramble, soaking up the springtime atmosphere and getting an education in the flora of the region. Favorite characters Delaine Dish and the Congdons--Mark and Angie are back as well. Mark bids and wins the rare monkey-faced orchid...but then mysteriously dies immediately after.

Who wanted Mark dead? Another orchid collector, jealous of his acquisition? Or was it a fellow commodities broker, jealous of Mark's pending promotion? Or could it be innocent Angie, married to Mark for 20 years and now sole proprietor of the Featherbed House Bed and Breakfast?

The hunt is on for the murderer, as well as another monkey-faced orchid for Drayton...and you won't believe who dun it--I mean, who did it!

I love these novels for their strong character development, tea shop theme, and fun interaction between beloved characters. Laura Childs always delivers a delightful mystery, and the recipes make my mouth water every time. One day, I may try to be Haley and create one of her concoctions...

In the meantime, I'm on the lookout for a tea shop, and the next novel in this series, "The Silver Needle Murder", due out some time next year...I hope!

As always, "Dragonwell Dead" gets 5 bookmarks from me!

Happy Reading!


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