Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Head Game by Tim Downs

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I enjoyed The Bug Man series...that was my first introduction to Tim Downs' writing. Then I read Plague Maker...it was ok, but I liked Bug Man better...so when Head Game was released, I wasn't happy...I wanted more Bug Man.

Not anymore!

Head Game is the story of three friends, three soldiers who work in psychological warfare division during the first Gulf War...Cale, Kirby and Pug. It opens with a mysterious cartoon strip, drawn by Kirby as a message to his friends.

That strip plunges the two remaining men into a maze of what is real and what is assumed to be real. It is an excellent example of the need to take every thought captive...to not let our minds be subject to vain imaginations.

The entire premise of this book is exactly what the title claims...it's a head game, but you aren't sure who's playing who, and what's real and what's imagined. By the time you figure it out, you're so entangled in it you feel what the characters feel, and you have invested in this story...you HAVE to know how it ends.

I don't do this very often...in fact, I tend to make fun of people, like my husband, who do this at all...but I read the last few pages--just glanced at them, really...because I had to know SOMETHING about the end, or I was going to pop with anticipation.

I discovered just enough to keep me going, but not enough to ruin the final outcome...but that is how intense Head Game is. The gospel is not a part of this story...but there are serious Biblical themes throughout...especially taking every thought captive...that kept repeating itself to me over and over and over.

This is the devil's game...it's a head game...and it's real...learn from this story...go get the book...you know you wanna!!

"Head Game" gets 5 bookmarks from me.

Happy Reading!


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Memiors of a Home Schooler said...

That was funny about the end, sometimes I can't contain myself, but it's a hardfast rule usually. I have enjoyed reading all your book reviews, great job!