Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Full Review of Renovating Becky Miller by Sharon Hinck

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I put off reading the newest installment in the saga of Becky as long as I could...I knew it would go too fast...and it did!

Becky Miller is a mother of three and wife to Kevin. In her last novel, Sharon perfectly illustrated a Christian woman's need to feel significant in the Kingdom of God, of her desire to do big things for a big God. What Becky realized then was that little is much when God is in it.

When we meet Becky in part two, we find that Becky learned that lesson a little too well! She is now satisfied doing the little things for God...she's just doing WAAAYYY too many of them! Unfortunately, I totally related to the message in this novel also.

In fact, the timing is perfect, since our women's fellowship is doing a study on slowing down and ordering our priorities...which proves the relevance of Sharon Hinck's fiction. After the first few pages with Becky, I was tired, and she was doing all the work!

Dealing with a growing church ministry, renovations on a new home, rehab on her injured leg, issues with friends, and having her mother-in-law AND her sister come for extended visits is enough for any woman to deal with...let alone Becky.

Becky Miller is the new everywoman for today's Christian woman. Whether you're in your 20's or your 40's, whether you're married or single, kids or no kids, I believe you can relate to the struggles Becky goes through.

Get this series. Read it. Savor it. Enjoy the fantasies Becky takes us on. And then learn from Becky, so you don't have to be another casualty in the "gottadoitall" war on the world.

Happy reading!


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