Saturday, January 27, 2007

Luke's Passage by Max Davis

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From back cover: "Luke Hatcher is the pride of Magnolia Springs, Louisiana. The perfect kid. He's the star of the high school baseball team, destined for the big leagues, but everything changes with a simple challenge from his high school sweetheart. Little did he know, that one fateful day would change his whole life."

This is one of those rare novels where you get so invested in the characters from the opening pages that the events that unfold rock you to the core. We first meet Luke on a baseball diamond after church on a Sunday. His sweetheart, Haley is there as well. What unfolds reminds us that one choice, one split second, can change a life forever.

But this novel also reminds us that God pursues us with an everlasting and passionate love. Even as Luke chooses his course and sets out, the Holy Hound of Heaven never leaves him, never forsakes him. And we recognize our own pursuit in the pages of Luke's story.

Something else that Max Davis taught me through his words is this: faith that is never tested isn't really faith at all...and definitely not faith that will stand. He puts into perspective what it means to have peace amidst the storm, and what to do when we feel ss if God disappoints us.

These are all lessons learned from deep, theological books. But Mr. Davis does it here with characters that come to life, to play out these lessons on the stage called "novel", and he does it with solid direction. I won't say more, because, again, the story is one you need to discover for yourself.

This is a book worth keeping, and reading again.

Be blessed, and be a blessing...



MizB said...

I just love your book reviews -- so thorough, and interesting! Thank you!

But, I had one little qualm with this one...

You wrote:
and what to do when God disappoints us.

I don't think God ever disappoints US. I think it's more that we had expectations that we don't feel God met... but, in the big picture, He was doing what He felt was best. He ALWAYS has our best interest at heart! :o)

So, we may *feel* that God disappointed us, but in reality, it's just that He didn't do something the way WE *felt* it should be done. ;o)

Of course, this is just MY immature interpretation of things, so I could be wrong... LOL ;-P

<>< Mizbooks

Deena said...

No, are correct, and I have fixed that spot in my review...thank YOU for the gentle correction...this is why I need comments:-)