Sunday, January 28, 2007

Jack Bauer's Having A Bad Day by Tim Wesemann

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We've all seen them. Books in Christian bookstores based on the latest, greatest new thing. DaVinci Code comes out, the books come out. Desperate Housewives hits the airwaves, desperate books hit the bookshelves.

And then there's "24". Yes, it happened. A book came out this last year--"Jack Bauer's Having A Bad Day" by Tim Wesemann, based on the 1st season of the hit, adrenaline rush of Jack Bauer and 24.

I was skeptical. I resisted its pull. I love the show, but get so tired of the gimmicks and the hype.
BOY, WAS I WRONG!!!!!!!!

This is an amazing spiritual analysis of the truths of faith found in the first 24 episodes of the series. The writing is crisp and witty, packed with Scripture as well as references from the series.

Mr. Wesemann pulls no punches. He is brutally honest about his own life experiences, and he holds up a mirror that I frequently glanced into reluctantly but was so glad that I did.

Faith Truth #12: Not Everyone Is In The Dark really spoke to me. I hate not knowing, and I hate when people leave me out of the so-called loop. But God never is in the dark. He is the loop. He holds the known and the unknown.

Faith Truth #19: Dull Doesn't Describe Our Lives reminded me that, while I'm not Jack Bauer, my life is never boring. And that is a good thing.

This was one of the most interesting, fascinating and entertaining books I've read in some time. To me, it packs the spiritual punch of Purpose Driven Life with the humor of a Brad Stine performance. I love Mr. Wesemann's wit and his conversational style.

This is one book on the Christian life experience you won't want to miss. Whether a fan of "24" or not, you will profit greatly from this book.

I wonder what that book on "Desperate Housewives" has to offer....hmmmmm...

Thank you greatly, Mr. Wesemann, for sharing your insights so excellently. This was fun and educational as well. It's message was very well timed at this point in my walk with the Lord. And it will be read again, I assure you!

Be blessed, and be a blessing (which you WILL if you read and share this book)!


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Rel said...

I thought the same as you when I saw this book! Maybe I need to have another look!