Saturday, October 23, 2010

Don't Look Back by Lynette Eason

With the second novel in her "Women of Justice" series, author Lynette Eason has secured a spot on my "must read list" for Christian suspense! Her novels have deep, rich story lines, with well-developed characters and twists that will knock your readin' socks off!

In "Don't Look Back", Lynette takes us deeper into the background of forensic anthropologist Jamie Cash. We caught a glimpse of this story in her previous novel, "Too Close To Home", but then only got enough to make us curious. Here, all the answers are laid keep us guessing!

Jamie survived a horrendous attack and kidnapping twelve years ago, but the details still haunt her daily. Held, tortured, raped and threatened with death, her life has been overcoming one day at a time...and letting few people in.

Until FBI Special Agent Dakota Richards shows up. He just won't take no for an answer, but he does it with such care and concern that he softens Jamie's defenses, becoming a pivotal piece of Jamie's carefully constructed life.

Then one minute event triggers a cascade of memories for Jamie...her kidnapper is back, and he's bent on finishing what he began twelve years ago. Or was it just twelve years ago? How long has he been doing this to young, vulnerable women?

Jamie insists on doing her part to help capture her tormentor...but when he does his part to destroy her life...can Jamie withstand the test? Can she beat someone she cannot 'see'...will he stay forever invisible, hidden in the shadows of his macabre game?

Honestly, I was a tad disappointed at first. I just KNEW I had it figured out early on...something that I prefer not to do. Little did I know I was being set up for the biggest shocker at the conclusion of the story...may I just say, "WOW!"

Fans of Dee Henderson, Terri Blackstock, Brandilyn Collins, DiAnn Mills and Irene Hannon...make room on your shelves! You'll want to read every single book in this series...I guarantee it!

My thanks to Donna at Revell for my copy. I'll be eagerly awaiting another story in the "Women of Justice" series! Until then, I'm giving "Don't Look Back" four out of five bookmarks, with a microscope as a charm.

Happy Reading!



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Kim said...

Isn't this just THE BEST series!! This story totally creeped me out! What a NASTY bad guy!!