Sunday, October 24, 2010

Divine Appointments by Charlene Baumbich

Everything Charlene Baumbich writes sparkles with humor and with life, and her "Snowglobe Connections" novels shine. In her second book, she tackles our need for relationship and connection.

"Divine Appointments" introduces us to Josie Victor Brooks, a forty-something single and successful business woman. Working as a consultant for a variety of firms, Josie is in charge of trimming the excess and bringing vitality and profitability back to business.

But both are lacking in her private life. A loner, Josie is longing for something...she just can't quite put her finger on what is lacking in her own life. Hot flashes and unquenchable thirst both seem to plague her these days...with no foreseeable end in sight.

A chance purchase of a whimsical snowglobe rocks Josie's quiet and settled world. The stream that runs through the white flecked world encased in the globe seems to pull at Josie's soul...and drive her crazy in the process.

A 'bleeding heart' boss, far-too-friendly employees and a rocky assignment at her newest consultant job also threaten to capsize her steady existence. Will all things work together for Josie's good to bring her into the land of relationship?

And not just the romantic version...we're talking friendships, parent/child relationship...the works. Watch as a mysterious snowglobe shakes things up for this buttoned-up businesswoman...and as it stirs things in your own life to make them more interesting!

I loved everything about this novel except the story-within-a-story. I must say, Marsha doesn't write nearly as well as Charlene! Those portions of the book were more distracting to me than they were enhancing.

But the characters were delightful, the whimsy of the story most evident, and the faith-journey Josie took was refreshing and very real. I'm looking forward to much, much more from Charlene and the "Snowglobe Connections".

I'm giving "Divine Appointments" four out of five bookmarks with a Day Planner as a sure to pencil in some relationship-building time in yours! My thanks to Jeane Wynn of Wynn-Wynn Media for my advance copy!

"Divine Appointments" is available now from Waterbrook Press!

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Charlene Ann Baumbich said...

Deena! What a lovely review! Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and bright energy. XO You certainly made my day.