Thursday, July 15, 2010

Through Thick & Thin by Sandra Byrd

Sandra Byrd has been a favorite of mine for many, many novels now. She's created a new series for tween/teen girls that I'm enjoying, and I'm so glad young girls have such great reading to choose from!

In her second 'London Confidential' novel,"Through Thick & Thin", Savvy Smith is adjusting to life in England. While her mom and dad still seem a bit preoccupied, they pay enough attention that she gets away with very little!

Savvy is still hoping for a rich story she can put her byline on for the school paper, but finds herself enjoying what she has more than she once thought. When the opportunity to cover a fashion show opens up, Savvy realizes she can kill two birds with one stone:

Get her feature article and maybe even make friends with the popular crowd!

But the best of plans don't always plan out, and God knows better than we do what we need in our lives. Choosing between old friends, new friends and family isn't always easy to do.

Toss in a potential romance, and you can have a collision of continental proportions! Through it all girls can watch Savvy learn to lean on God and to trust in His plans and not her own.

I'm thoroughly enjoying my time in London with Savvy and her gang, and Sandra Byrd has a writing talent that knows no boundaries. Whether she's writing for the younger set or for my age (which I'm not telling you!), her gift for realistic characters and entertaining scenarios shines through.

My friends at Tyndale gifted me with the first book in the series, and I enjoyed it so much I went out and bought this one! This is perfect summer vacation reading, so don't miss out on "Through Thick & Thin"!

I'm giving this one five out of five bookmarks with a newspaper delivery tote as a charm...of course, with fashion being what it is in Savvy's's a stylish tote!

Happy Reading!



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