Saturday, July 17, 2010

In A Heartbeat by Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy (with Sally Jenkins)

Entertaining. Engaging. Enlightening.

Three words that describe the new book by the couple made famous in a beloved movie, "The Blind Side". With their new book, Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy share the full story behind the motion picture, and their philosophy of life.

"In A Heartbeat" does more than tell how Michael Oher came to be the son of the Tuohy family. Both Leigh Anne and Sean grew up going without, and both are committed to helping others with what they now have in life.

Much of what is in "The Blind Side" is in the book. Some of the events in the film are embellished; some meshed together for the sake of telling a story; and some 'tweaked' for dramatic purposes.

While the film has been criticized for telling the story simply and showing adversity easily overcome, the same cannot be said of the book. "In A Heartbeat" shares how Leigh Anne and Sean (along with their children, Collins and SJ) have reached out to many young people.

The book also shows Michael's determination to push forward, forgetting what was behind, and reaching for what many said was the unattainable. He truly is a remarkable person, and the Tuohy's helped him shine.

But not just Michael...

Their philosophy is simple: it's 'The Popcorn Theory'. "You can't help everyone. But you can try to help the hot ones who pop up right in front of your face," (pg. 1).

That's what the Tuohy's have done. That's what they've taught their children to do...all three of them. And that's something we all can the ones who pop up right in front of us.

It doesn't take much. Sometimes it takes a lot. The thing is, it's always worth it.

I'll warn you..."In A Heartbeat" has some language in it...nothing more than we heard in the motion picture "The Blind Side". The more crass words are tastefully included...but they're there.

If you let that stop you from reading this book, though, you'll be missing something unique and special. The story you saw in the movie is nothing compared to what you'll read.

I laughed out loud, and had to read parts to my husband. I cried at some points, so thankful for people like the Tuohy's. And I decided to live more by The Popcorn Theory in my own life.

"In A Heartbeat" isn't a Christian book, but it's a book about Christians (all of the Tuohy's demonstrate and claim faith in Christ) living out their faith. Living it so much so that it made a HUGE impact on the Academy Award winning actress who portrayed Leigh Anne in "The Blind Side".

I loved the book. I believe you will love it as well. And, goodness, I wish I was from the South! My only quibble is I would love to see the Tuohy's as vocal about their love for Jesus as they are their love for Ole' Miss.

Maybe in another book they will be. I have to say, they definitely live their love more than others I know and have read about. That's why I'm giving "In A Heartbeat" the Golden Bookmark for Inspiration and Encouragement, and voting it "Best Non-fiction Read of the Summer".

My thanks to Audra at The B&B Media Group for my copy. If you enjoyed "The Blind Side", you're going to adore "In A Heartbeat", available now from Henry Holt Publishers in bookstores everywhere!

Happy Reading!



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Charlene Amsden said...

The Touhy's are a remarkable family. The world would be a much better place if we all were a little more like them. The Touhy's raised their children deliberately with forethought given to the kind of adults they wanted their children to become, and a plan for nurturing them to that point. There was much in this book of great value.

Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

This was such a fantastic book. The Tuohy's are truly remarkable people.