Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Predator by Terri Blackstock

Do you know who you're friend-ing these days? Do you know who your kids are friend-ing? You need to...just take a peek at Terri Blackstock's newest suspense-filled story and you'll be paring down your online social networking friends list!

Krista Carmichael had no idea a "Predator" was lurking on her fourteen-year-old sister's GrapeVyne friends list. But when Ella vanishes, taken by an online predator, all Krista can think about is what she SHOULD have done to protect her.

Then the body turns up, leaving Krista and her father plunging into a dark, solitary place. Krista then makes it her goal to shut down GrapeVyne, the social network she holds responsible for taking her sister's life.

Ryan Adkins founded GrapeVyne for his college friends to stay in touch and to share with one another. Now it's a billion-dollar corporation, taking on a life of its own. He feels remorse for what's happened to Krista and her family, but what can he do?

Then more girls turn up missing...and Ryan chooses to join forces with Krista to stop this predator from harming more women. Final question remaining is who? And you'll never guess the answer to that one...until the final chapter begins.

Loosely resembling everyone's favorite place to cyber-hangout, the fictitious GrapeVyne reveals some serious security holes. Reading "Predator" had me going through my own friends list, seeing who I really knew, who I kind of knew, and who I didn't need to know after all.

The story had me reminding both of my children to only friend people they truly knew, and to ignore stranger requests. Reminding them that having a huge list of friends isn't worth their safety.

But it also left me wondering...do we realize just how anonymous these social networks are? How easy it is for a predator to be lurking? Waiting? Stalking?

Lots of food for thought in this novel. Well crafted, fast paced, and character driven, "Predator" may just be Terri's best and most relevant novel thus far. My great thanks to my friends at Zondervan for my advance copy.

You won't have to wait long to get your copy of "Predator"...it's available this month from Zondervan! I'm giving "Predator" five out of five bookmarks with a key as a charm...we can't lock our kids away, but we can take care to keep online predators from them.

Read "Predator" and you won't look at social networking the same again!

Happy Reading!



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Sara said...

This book looks really good. I'm a member of a Zondervan Breakfast Reading club and this book is the preview this week! First few pages that I've read sound great.

Kim said...

Looking forward to this one!!


Sharon Brumfield said...

I was going back through some of my old posts(07) looking for something to send a friend and I saw a comment from you. And I remembered some of the post that you wrote that really got me to thinking.
So...guess I just wanted to stop in and say that I was thinking about you. :)
And thinking after seeing this that I have some great books to catch up on.