Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Overseer by Conlan Brown

Conlan Brown made a huge impression on me with his debut novel "The Firstborn", earning a spot on my 'must read' list and joining the ranks of Dekker, Liparulo, Dellosso and Peretti. But he's hit it out of the park with his second novel in this stellar series.

"The Overseer" takes us on a journey with Hannah Rice, one of the Firstborn. She's tracking a group of young girls caught up in sex-trafficking. She uses her gift as a Prima, one who can see the past, to follow the trail.

Problem is, hindsight isn't always what it's cracked up to be. And Hannah isn't one to ask for help.

Devin Bathhurst discovers what Hannah's concerns are and joins her in the hunt for the captors and for the girls. His unique gift of foresight (Domani) joins force with Hannah's gift to ferret out information.

But he also has his own concern: the possible assasination of a U.S. Senator. Somehow it seems the two cases are linked...with a mysterious Angelo at the center of it all.

This unique being has the gift of all sight: past, present and future. Who is Angelo, and is he friend or foe? John Temple, director of the Firstborn organization Domani is determined to find out, and to protect all of the Firstborn from the coming of the Thresher...

the one who is bent on destroying the Firstborn.

But John has his own situation to untangle...and it involves a woman. Who might die if he doesn't....whoops! Almost gave something away there!

With all of the thrills of 'Heroes', the faith of 'This Present Darkness', and the gripping storytelling of Stephen King, Conlan Brown has made a huge mark on the Christian Suspense and Fantasy genre. I haven't enjoyed a trilogy this much since Robin Parrish's "Dominion".

I can't wait until the third and final book is in my hands. It will be a bittersweet day, as I've come to really love and admire Conlan's varied cast of characters.

Don't miss this gripping trilogy that will bend your mind in ways you didn't know you could bend, and have your head spinning with possibilities. I'm giving "The Overseer" five out of five bookmarks, with a score sheet as a charm...use it to keep track of all the action!

My thanks to my friends at Realms for my copy! Go out and get your copy today!

Happy Reading!



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