Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Pastor's Wife by Jennifer AlLee

It's ironic that I'm reviewing this particular book, since I am, after all...the pastor's wife! My husband has been in the ministry longer than we've been married, and it is most definitely a challenge being married to a minister.

Which is probably why I loved Jennifer AlLee's novel, "The Pastor's Wife", so much. Even if you want to be a minister's wife, you rarely know exactly what you're getting in to. When that calling is as far removed from what you want as the east is from the west...well, the challenges are monumental.

Maura Sullivan thought she knew what she was doing when she married Nick Shepherd. Not long after their wedding, he moves her to Granger where he is to be mentored by a senior pastor.

Life takes a turn, leaving Nick as head shepherd (don't leave comments---I know Jesus is the head of the church!), and leaving Maura like a fish out of water. When she really needs Nick, he's too busy caring for the flock to care for the most important lamb of all.

And she's gone.

Now, six years later, a wily older member of Nick's congregation has left them both something in her will...with conditions. Can Nick and Maura mend their ways long enough to fulfill the terms of the will? Will they ever work through the circumstances that drove them apart?

Yes, some of the story plays out like a boy meets girl romance novel...but with a twist. And take it from me, Maura's concerns are NOT necessarily exaggerated! I enjoyed Jennifer's story, and I think you will as well.

Don't let it be JUST a story, though. Let it encourage you to pray for your pastor's wife...even if she seems fine...pray for her anyway.

I'm giving "The Pastor's Wife" four out of five bookmarks, with a casserole dish as a charm...again, to know why, you'll just have to read the book!

My thanks to C.J. at for the chance to read this one!

Happy Reading!



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Jennifer AlLee said...

Thanks for your thoughtful review, Deena. It warms my heart to get a thumbs-up from someone who's out there in the ministry trenches! God bless you in all you do :+}