Thursday, February 25, 2010

Author Spotlight: My PREview of "Cool Beans" by Erynn Mangum

I fell in love with Erynn's writing style in her "Lauren Holbrook" series. Her writing is fun, energetic and full of joy. When I heard she'd finished with Lauren and company, I was SO disappointed!

Now Erynn is back with a whole new cast of characters, set in a coffee shop called "Cool Beans"--also the title of the first novel. She is wittier than ever, I adore Maya, Jen and Jack as much as I did Lauren and her bunch...and Calvin is SO COOL!

Maya is a barista at Cool Beans, along with Jack. She's pretty happy with her life..although it could be better. For instance, her roommate Jen could NOT be dating her former almost fiance. Her genius brother, could NOT move back to their hometown, forcing her to enjoy his company every Sunday night at their parents' house.

And what is up with Calvin? A dog that does Pilates? There's just not enough ice cream in the world to battle the issues that keep creeping in on Maya's life. Still, I don't think she'd trade her life for anyone else's...especially once she gets things right with God.

Or does she get things right with God? Speaking of which, how is YOUR quiet time going these days? I'm sure Maya would like to know!

From Pastor Andrew and his Viking-ness to Travis and his tulips, I can't think of a thing I would change about "Cool Beans". I'm in love with this new series, and I can only hope for a bunch of titles coming from Erynn.

I'm giving "Cool Beans" the Golden Bookmark for Fun in Literature and Witty Writing, as well as voting it "Best Chick-Lit of 2010". Oh, and I'm giving it a coffee cup with smiley faces on it as a charm...fill'er up, Jack!

Happy Reading!



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