Monday, December 28, 2009

Third Time's A Charm by Virginia Smith

After finishing Virginia Smith's third installment in her "Sister-to-Sister" trilogy, I can honestly say that I'm thoroughly satisfied and majorly bummed...I love these girls, and I can't believe I won't see them again!

Middle sister Joan was a delight in her story, "Stuck In the Middle". Big sister Allie was a fun addition to the Sanderson girls in "Age Before Beauty". But Tori has my heart and I adore her by far after reading her tale in "Third Time's a Charm."

Tori has the opportunity of a lifetime: account executive at age 24. Unfortunately, achieving the position will eat away at her lifetime in order to fulfill the role and meet the goal. With her 24 hour slave driver boss breathing down her neck, Tori's time with her family is scattered and infrequent.

So when she learns the news of the big change coming up for the Sanderson women, it sends Tori into an emotional tailspin. Thank goodness for someone like Ryan: attractive hardware salesman and solid Christian! it thanks Tori feels for Ryan's presence in her life?

Maybe she's more thankful for Mitch, her co-worker and current competition for the coveted position at work. He seems interested, but is an office romance in Tori's best interest?

When Tori receives more news that sets her back on her emotional heels, where will she turn? Will her relationship with God ever be what it could be, or will Tori forever hold God at arm's length?

Tori's story hit close to home for me--lots of parallels that had me on an emotional roller coaster ride. I could feel her struggle deeply, and cried right along with her as she wept.

But, if I knew her in real life, we wouldn't be close friends. I can see us circling one another, feeling jealous and competitive, not able to get to know the real 'us'. Which made me very sad, and made me think.

Tori's lessons were mine, and what a way to get the message across! Virginia always writes with a powerful combination of humor and heart, but this time she excelled in ways I don't even begin to share with you...'cause it will ruin the story for you!

And that's the LAST thing I want to do! Just do NOT miss this engaging and heart-warming series by one of my 'must read' authors! Thanks to Revell for my copy (my daughter thanks you, too---she's 19 and HOOKED on Virginia Smith novels!).

So, I'm going to miss the Sanderson girls. I could read about them over and over again...maybe if I ask sweetly and pray, we'll get another novel or two about them? They can't go away...they are too real to me!

But, alas, this is the third...and what charm it has! So I'm awarding "Third Time's A Charm" the Golden Bookmark for Emotionally Powerful Writing Excellence" and voting it "Best Contemporary Fiction of 2010" (check the copyright date to know why!), and adding a gerbera daisy as a charm.

Can't wait to see what Ginny creates for us next!

Happy Reading!



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