Monday, December 28, 2009

Primal by Mark Batterson

Do you like reading dangerous books? Are you searching for something to shake up the status quo? Is your heart crying out for a change in 2010? If so, you have simply GOT to read Mark Batterson's latest book!

"Primal" encourages the believer to strip away all of the stuff and fluff of faith and get down to the bare bones. When we do that, the question is...what do we have left?

By getting to the essence of what we believe, why we believe, and in whom we believe, we revitalize our faith and long for more. What sparked such a book? Mark and his family took a trip down into the heart of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome...

...into the ancient catacombs. Where believers once hid for their faith. Once suffered greatly for their faith. Once died for their faith.

Where faith in God was viceral...soulish...primal.

Especially in America, we tend to complicate faith in God. We tend to intellectualize belief in Christ. We tend to argue points of doctrine rather than adore and adhere to Biblical teaching. In fact, we are in danger of idolizing worship of God rather than truly worshiping God.

Mark takes the greatest and singular commandment that Christ Himself gave us: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength. So simple, yet so deep!

He breaks it down bit by bit, examining what it is like to truly love God whole-heartedly, with your entire mind, etc. You will find his thoughts intriguing, maybe a bit controversial...but most definitely stirring.

For instance (this one really grabbed me by the heart), did you know we are to honor and worship God with our creativity? How many times in Scripture are we told to 'sing unto Him a NEW SONG'? And, as He is the God of all creation, calling what He made in six days 'very good'....

....doesn't it make sense that He gets honor and great pleasure when we create for Him? And Mark isn't talking about paintings, stories, or, he goes much deeper than that.

This review I'm writing, urging you to read Mark's book and deepen and enliven your walk with God? I'm creating in God's honor. How cool is that?!? Restored my love for writing reviews...ignited my passion once again...and sparked hope and joy deep in my soul.

"Primal" covers much more. And it all points to God; not to ourselves. To take our whole being and turn it toward worshipping our God...we have no idea what that really means, or the infinite possibilities.

The gifts and talents in our church have barely been tapped...most likely the same can be said for yours as well. Let's make 2010 the year of wholeness...not for us, but toward God.

Start by picking up this most excellent book by Mark Batterson. I'm giving "Primal" the Golden Bookmark for Intriguing Thought and Depth of Writing, and voting it a "Must Read Title". Begin your new year with a new heart for God...and mind, soul and strength as well.

Happy Reading!



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