Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Surviving One Bad Year by Nancie Carmichael

You may have noticed that reviews have slowed down some here at My Bookshelf. Hopefully, you'll be patient with me. Lately the books God has directed me to read are not the kind you can zip through...they must be savored...pondered...absorbed.

And they are immensely helpful and filled with wisdom--as well as driving me deeper into God's Word in the process. One of the best I've found to read when life seems too challenging to handle is "Surviving One Bad Year" by Nancie Carmichael.

First of all, Nancie knows what she shares through living it in her own life. The book rings with authenticity. She shares candidly about her own personal struggles, but never makes light of what the reader may be dealing with.

No burden or stressor is overlooked in her book. From failing marriages to failing health, financial crisis to parenting crisis, home deconstruction to life deconstruction--Nancie includes you in the message of her book.

Using personal stories as well as Biblical application, Nancie soothes the troubled soul without leaving you in the pit. Her words seek to draw you to a higher ground living, and she does it with compassion and heart.

This is the kind of book I would delight to teach! Nancie gives us seven spiritual strategies to survive whatever has come our way, and they are universal and will work...from uncovering bitterness to singing a new song, they are both practical and easily implemented.

But oh, the rewards you will reap! Plus, Nancie shares how each step has helped the people she chronicles in her book...not leaving us in hopelessness, but showing us where our hope truly lies.

I am in love with this book! Again, if I had the means, I'd buy a boatload of copies for the myriad of believers who are weathering some powerful storms. I'm giving "Surviving One Bad Year" the Golden Bookmark for Authentic Writing and Biblical Teaching" and hanging a budding flower as a charm.

My thanks to Howard Publishing for supplying me with my advance reader copy!

Happy Reading!



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