Monday, November 2, 2009

How To Win Over Worry by John Edmund Haggai

Now, THIS is how to write a book! Mr. Haggai's book is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary in a brand new, updated version, and it is well worth reading. "How To Win Over Worry rings with authority and sound Biblical teaching, with ample Scripture on every page and at every point.

Too many Americans are overtaken by worry, especially in today's economic and political climate. Watch a few minutes of a news broadcast or read a few headlines, and you'll find ample material to worry over. I myself have become a chronic worrier...which proves God's divine providence in sending me this book.

Mr. Haggai gives a thorough examination of what worry is and what it isn't. He lists things NOT to try to combat worry, and explains why things such as positive thinking, seeking sympathy and constant criticism won't help. Next, we find out what worry IS, and that chapter alone will shake you to your worrying core.

What follows is a detailed plan to eliminate worry in the life of the believer. We of all people in this world shoud not worry; yet, Christians are many times the biggest worries of all. Think of the damage we do to our testimony when we give in to worry.

Worry is a natural occurence in life. Choosing to worry may come naturally, but we are to live supernatural lives through the power of Jesus Christ. By following Mr. Haggai's prescription: PRAISE + POISE + PRAYER = PEACE--is better than anything you can get anywhere else.

John Edmund Haggai does allow for a chemical imbalance that requires more than just choosing to refuse to worry. There are times when it is advisable and even Biblical to seek medical attention. Far too many of us run to the doctor rather than run to the Great Physician, however, and we would do well to 'put worry in its place' and 'catch the habit of optimistic living'.

Something else I adored about this book: it's INDEXED!! Yes, any topic or subject you may be searching for concerning worry can be found by looking in the index, guiding you to the proper page or section. Even the Scripture references are indexed, and that alone takes up THREE PAGES! I'm telling you, this is the way to write a book!

I'm giving "How To Win Over Worry" the Golden Bookmark for Biblical Teaching in an Applicable Manner, and hunting down more books by John Edmund Haggai. Read his book, along with your Bible, and 'improve your health' by 'overcom[ing] the crippling misery of guilt' and 'master negative feelings'.

My thanks to Dave Bartlett at Harvest House Publishers for thinking of me and sending me this fantastic book...and what timing!

Happy Reading!



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