Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Love Finds You In Miracle, Kentucky by Andrea Boeshaar

I've been eyeballing this book series for awhile, and finally gave in. I'm so glad I did! Not only are the books quality writing, but the stories are fun and engaging.

Each book is written by a different author, with different locales and characters. I suppose you wouldn't really call this a series, but more a line of books based around a theme.

"Love Finds You In Miracle, Kentucky" begins the new line of Christian romance published by Summerside Press. Written by Andrea Boeshaar, this novel tells the story of Meg Jorgensen, elementary school teacher and wayward soul.

Meg's parents divorced when she was very little, and her mother moved them constantly, from town to town and relationship to relationship. When Meg finds herself in a dead end job with an unresponsive love interest, she chooses to go home to Miracle.

Maybe, she thinks, God will have her miracle there, just waiting for her.

Vance Bayer is a widower forced to give up his own dreams to care for his disabled daughter, Cammy. His life isn't what he'd planned, but he wouldn't give up his little girl for the world. When Meg comes into their lives via Cammy's education, he's grateful for her interest in his little girl.

Question is, what happens when her interest in Cammy seems to go too far? And is Meg just like her mother, born to wander from town to town and man to man? Or is she willing to put down roots in the tiny town of Miracle?

The characters come to life quickly as the story moves along at a steady pace. Some elements are predictable, which is usual for Christian romance novels. But I found this novel to be refreshing and highly enjoyable.

I'm looking forward to continuing to read this new line of Christian romantic fiction. So, I'm giving "Love Finds You In Miracle, Kentucky" four out of five bookmarks, with a quilt as a charm.

If you've been a fan of Love Inspired or other similar novels, you're going to LOVE Summerside Press!

Happy Reading!


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Angela said...

Thanks for the review. I usually shy away from reading Christian fiction because the characters are often so perfect that I find it hard to relate to them. But I like the sound of this book - the characters sound just flawed enough to be relateable.

Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

I've seen these, but I hadn't picked any up yet. I'm glad to know they're good.