Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Amish Friends Cookbook, Volume One and Two by Wanda Brunstetter

My parents and I spent several weeks going across the United States when I was in my elementary years. We passed through at least half of the states in our country, but the one that sticks in my memory most is Pennsylvania.

The Amish countryside, traditions and FOOD! Oh, how good it all was! Thanks to Barbour Publishing and Wanda Brunstetter, you can bring home a bit of Amish living with her two cookbooks.

"Amish Friends Cookbook" contains much more than recipes. You'll find quotes, pages on traditions and on customs, and sections that talk about the Amish way of life. Each recipe is unique and nearly all of them sound yummy (I'm not sure about a drink that starts with vinegar:-).

But it IS cool to think I can make my own rootbeer!

In case you don't get enough from that book, "Amish Friends Cookbook, Volume Two" is just out! Learn how to make "Amish Wine", "Butterscotch Granola", and "First-Course Pie".

You'll also find recipes in both for household cleaners and remedy's for illnesses. In this particular volume, Wanda takes us on a tour of Amish country state by state. By the time you're done, you may be wanting to move!

I'm in love with both of my cookbooks, and I'm hoping one day for a third volume. It's hard to find recipe books that use regular, ordinary ingredients, but these are not only practical, they sound delicious and simple.

So I'm giving BOTH volumes five out of five bookmarks, with a wooden spoon as a charm. And, as quoted in Volume Two, you are never fully dressed in the morning until you put on a smile.

Yipes! I need to remember that!

Happy Reading!


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Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

I love cookbooks. These look great.