Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Noticer by Andy Andrews

This is one I've been eager to read; in fact, I was supposed to be a part of a big promotional campaign. Then the baby came. I was busy living out the message of the book.

Which is cool.

"The Noticer" reminds me of the 'Perfect Stranger' series. Andy Andrews takes something so simple, and with his story he helps us realize just how profound it is to simply notice someone and to speak into what we notice.

The people of Orange Beach, Alabama are all facing trials with no end in sight. Divorce. Homelessness. Poverty. Failure. Lost dreams.

No hope.

Until Joseph comes along. This wandering soul has a knack for seeing into peoples lives, but more than that--he takes note of what is happening and then speaks his mind.

Fortunately, Joseph's mind is filled with God's wisdom. He travels from person to person, seeing and speaking as he goes, restoring hope with every word.

Still, everyone wonders...who is Joseph and where did he come from?

Can you figure it out? Or, better yet, will you follow in Joseph's steps in your own town? I adored "The Noticer". Got in trouble for staying up so late reading it! That's why I'm awarding it the Golden Bookmark for Stories that Matter, with a golden set of eyeglasses.

Maybe we all need to see the Great Physician for an eye exam these days. Then we might notice more than just ourselves.

Happy Reading!


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1 comment:

Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this one too. I found some of the wisdom familiar, but when it was presented as advice from an old man, it was fresh and new. Wasn't Jones wonderful? This is one I will reread.