Friday, May 8, 2009

Always Watching by Amberly and Brandilyn Collins

Simply put, if Brandilyn Collins is the Queen of Seatbelt Suspense, then Amberly is the up and coming princess! Her new series, co-written with her mom, is destined for the best-sellers list!

Imagine being the daughter of a rock star, always on tour and allowed full backstage access. Sounds like a dream, right? Think again. With realism and rich detail, Amberly paints a vivid picture of Shaley O'Connor's life.

On tour again with her mother's shooting to the top rock band, 'Rayne', Shaley is excited to have a bit of normalcy in her life. Her best friend, Brittany is flying in to join the last leg of the tour, and Shaley can't wait.

But she'll have to.

Because someone has been murdered. And she is the one in the watchful eye of...

...who? The bodyguard? The manager? The paparazzi? A stalker?

With security so tight, who could have committed this crime, and who is always watching Shaley? Can the police find out who did it before Shaley ends up the next victim?

Amberly has you hooked with an ongoing storyline that will keep you yearning for the second novel in "The Rayne Tour" series. She has learned well from her mother how to keep readers wanting more after the final page is turned!

Toss in a realistic rock concert atmosphere and fast paced action, plus a unique and eye-catching design...and you've got a chart-topping hit on your hands!

I'm giving "Always Watching" four out of five bookmarks with a camera as a charm. Knowing me, I'll always be watching for more from this mother/daughter duo...and looking forward to Amberly's first solo venture in publishing as well!

Happy Reading!


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Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd mention that these new Collins books have awesome covers! Always Watching looks great.