Sunday, May 3, 2009

Guest Review: "Blaggard's Moon" by George Bryan Polivka, Reviewed by Melissa Meeks

Harvest House Publishers (March 1, 2009)

In my first foray to the world of Nearing Vast and the Warm Climes, I was transported to foreign yet entrancing locales and treated to a taste of flowing prose I will not soon forget. Needless to say I am now quite anxious to sink my teeth into the Trophy Chase Trilogy for more adventures in this new world I have just discovered while meeting more new friends and the pirates that plague the seas of the land. Polivka stages many a battle that is choreographed on the page in the exquisite detail of an intricate dance. While these battles are either a pitched sea battle involving cannons and hand weapons from a ships deck against the same on an opposing ship or face to face firefights, the lack of hand to hand combat or sword duels was not missing any elegance in the descriptions. Polivka's story not only transports readers to times, places and events that would not otherwise be experienced at all, his prose carries an intrinsic sense of mystery and adventure that is only heightened by the actual events transcribed for the readers eyes in this narrative.

The Jom Perhoo, Onka Din Botlay and other creatures have been penned with such detail I can nearly see them as if I were in the place of those actually there to see. Even the key players. Pirates, Gatemen and others are such realistic characters I still question if perhaps this strange world of yesteryear could truly exist in the here and now rather than just in fertile imaginations of a talented writer and then those of his readers riveted by a tale of adventure, love, faith and discovery for all involved. Pick up a copy today and meet Jenta, Autumn, Damrick, a few boatloads of Pirates and their nemeses, the Gatemen, our guide for this journey, Ham Drumbone (a pirate storyteller), and the second narrator as well as a captured sailor turned pirate, Smith Delaney as you visit their world and live the adventure through their eyes. (ISBN#9780736925372, 384pp, $13.99)

Thanks, Melissa! The cover looks SO inviting...I'll be diving into this one myself soon, I hope!

You can find Melissa Meeks at Bibliophile's Retreat.

Happy Reading!


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kalea_kane said...

This looks absolutely stunning. The cover alone makes me want to pick it up. Thank you so much for the review. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Deena for posting my review of Blaggard's Moon.

Looking forward to hearing what you think of it as well.