Saturday, May 2, 2009

100 Answers to 100 Questions: About Being a Great Mom by Lisa Empson and Melissa Killian

Here's another great book that came my way just in time! With Mother's Day just around the corner and new moms everywhere, this little book is the perfect gift for a special basket of goodies for mom!

"100 Answers to 100 Questions" is a series of books on specific subjects or aspects of life. In the 'Mom' book, Lisa and Melissa tackle questions such as what makes a good mom great, and the working mom's balancing act.

Each section of the book gets more specific, answering things like what does a mom do (you'd be surprised at how many, even within the church, who don't know the answer to that question!), what does God expect from you as a mom, and how do you find contentment as a mom.

Two things I adore about this book: the answers are specific and Biblically based, plus each question gives suggestions for things to think about regarding the question and answer given.

Think of them as points to ponder.

Lisa and Melissa are careful to quote Scripture to support their responses, and they include another of my favorite things...

QUOTES! I love a book filled with wise quotes and sayings from others. Sometimes you can read an entire book, forget half of what you've read, but you'll recall some pertinent quote you read that sticks with you forever.

This is just the perfect gift for mom...and I'm so glad I have mine:-) Published by Strang Publications Christian Life label, this is just one book in an entire series of titles that are all wonderful.

I have a few more to introduce to you later on. For now, "100 Answers to 100 Questions About Being a Great Mom" gets five out of five bookmarks from me, with a pink highlighter as a charm. Be sure to read your copy with a highlighter in'll find some real gems to treasure in this little book!

Happy Reading!


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