Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Due To Complications...

Hi all,

I hope this doesn't send my readership into the bloggy basement, but I must confess to you:

My giveaway calendar is all messed up.

So all giveaways are now closed and will be called off due to fairness to all.

With the baby coming early, my daughter needing my care to recover from delivery, my son going on a 3 day field trip, my husband having multitudes of meetings about church reconstruction and business, my other daughter getting ready for graduation, my OTHER daughter relocating out of state...

...I've become a bit lost amidst My Bookshelf.

BUT....we're about to hit another landmark for My Bookshelf...60,000 hits are just around the bend! That means a CELEBRATION GIVEAWAY IS COMING!

I'll have gift cards, books, prizes....HUGE packages of goodies to offer. So watch the hit counter climb, and when we hit 60,000...

IT'S PARTY TIME AT MY BOOKSHELF, AND YOU GET THE GIFTS!! Tell a friend to check out My's time to take a fresh peek!

Happy Reading!


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windycindy said...

Take care of yourself!

Merry said...

I'm praying for you, Deena. Enjoy being a grandma!

Anonymous said...

It will all be okay! Enjoy each moment with your family... and we'll still be here to celebrate with you when the right time comes. :-)