Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Real Moms, Real Jesus by Jill Savage

This is the most unique book for moms I've ever read! Jill Savage is my new hero in the writing world, and her book is a must read for moms of all ages and the perfect gift for this Mother's Day.

"Real Moms, Real Jesus" takes everyday events in the life of a mom and parallels them with the life of our Savior. Ever wonder if Jesus gets the fact that a mom can never seem to find alone time even in the bathroom?

Well, He can relate, as Jill aptly illustrates in her section titled Can I PLEASE Go to the Bathroom Alone". And, just for the record, my kids are 23, 19 and 15, all at home, and I STILL can't find time alone in the bathroom!

With genuine, ripped from a mom's life examples that are set side-by-side with Jesus' walk on this earth, moms can find hope in their unique and yet everyday issues.

Jill writes with heart and a passion for moms AND for Jesus. Let her introduce you to the One who truly understands what you go through, and let Him help you learn how to find Him in your circumstances.

As an added bonus, Jill takes you on a journey through the Gospel of Matthew, two chapters at a time. By reading the Bible along with her book, you'll have read the entire Gospel. Along the way, she gives space for prayer and reflection.

Jill opens each chapter with a 'perspective' on some aspect of motherhood, then takes you straight into Scripture and into the life of Jesus to illustrate how He understands and how you can live with more richness, depth and dedication to Him in your life as a mom.

Being a mom is both a joy and a challenge, no matter who you are. Allow Jesus in the midst of it and the challenges turn into joys, guaranteed. Don't walk the Mommy path alone.

I'm giving "Real Moms, Real Jesus" the Golden Bookmark for writing excellence with a golden laundry basket as a charm. I pray every mom finds Jesus, and then shares Him with her children!

Happy Reading!


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Jill said...


Thank you for your beautiful review of Real Moms...Real Jesus. Your words were such an encouragement to me!

Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

This one looks terrific Deena. Another one to add to my list.