Thursday, February 12, 2009

On Tour with Kendra Smiley and her new book, "Journey of a Strong-Willed Child"!

Kendra Smiley is one of those authors I just adore. She writes from experience and from her heart, but more than that--she writes in total transparency. I loved her previous book, "Do Your Kids a Favor...Love Your Spouse". Even the cover art was very appealing!

In her newest book, Kendra shares about her son Aaron's journey as her strong-willed child. She's honest in her struggles with her son, and offers advice that has been life-tested--she's done it and it works.

As an added voice of authenticity, Aaron chimes in in each chapter from HIS point of view. Hearing from the child as a now responsible adult gives extra insight into the mind and will of the child that just doesn't seem to yield to Mom and Dad.

Plus, hearing from Kendra's son gives Moms and Dads hope...this is not how it will always be, and you can learn to work with your child, helping him or her to become an adult that learns to adapt and to fulfill his or her godly potential.

John Smiley, 'the resident dad' (I LOVE how Kendra writes!) also shares his experiences and insights. This is book for families written by a family, and it isn't just a bunch of fluffy, feel better advice. This is hand's on living it out, trial and error, and honest hope.

As a mother to a strong-willed daughter, I only wish I'd had this book when she was just a toddler. Praise God Kendra's book is available NOW. Don't hesitate--buy a copy today and begin to learn to live and work with your strong-willed child.

I'm giving "Journey of a Strong-Willed Child" five out of five bookmarks, and voting it "Best Parenting Book of 2009".

For more information on Kendra and her books, visit her website.

To purchase your copy of Kendra's book, click here.

Happy Reading!


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