Sunday, January 4, 2009

More On The Madera Mission Girls

WOW! The response from all of you has been such a huge encouragement to me, my sister and the women of Madera Mission! So far, three packages are in transit and one has already been received.


Someone asked me to post responses from the women concerning their reading. The greatest testimony I can share has to do with Jerry B. Jenkins novel, "Riven".


If you've been here for very long, you know I'm passionate about that 500+ page novel. I've had my kids' teacher read it, my husband has read it, my sister has read it, and I had my nephew read it.

He was reading the book as he traveled down to visit my niece, Laura (someone else was driving!). I felt God tell me to donate my copy to the mission--my ONLY copy at the time!

But I'm trying hard to just obey, no questions and no whining, so I called my nephew and told him when he finished it, to give it to Laura and it was for the mission. He called me back to double check that I actually meant to GIVE IT TO HER.

See, I had threatened him with bodily harm if he hurt my book!

I reaffirmed he was to give it to Laura, and she was to add it to the mission library. So, he finished it (wept!) and gave it to Laura. She read it (wept) and gave it to the mission women.

EVERY WOMAN IN THE MISSION, INCLUDING STAFF, is on a waiting list for "Riven". That was all they could talk about when they met me that night! THEN, the showed me other books people had given them (some came from me) that they absolutely fell in love with:

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True Colors series by Melody Carlson (of the 12 books, they have 4 in tattered condition)

Left Behind Kids series by Jenkins and LaHaye (they don't care for the adult books--many aren't great readers, but the kids series is perfect)

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Kathy Herman novels--waiting list for those as well! They only have the Phantom Hollow novels as of today--the women could relate to Ivy and fell in love with Montana

Now, my niece is into the mystery suspense like I am. But the other women love clean romance with a Christian theme, teen fiction, and anything easy to read that will help them grow in their faith.

The director shared with me her dream of building a library of good Christian books that will be read again and again. Your donations are helping her do just that.

Some books I think they would love are books by Jenny B. Jones, the Mayla novels by Virginia Smith, Shelley Adina's novels, and any simple books on how to study or read your Bible.

Tricia Goyer's "Life Unscripted", GenX books and her upcoming teen lit novels are certain to be hits with the women as well!

Keep in mind, most of these women never really had teen years. Their lives are broken and they are putting the pieces back together through hard work and much prayer and counseling.

But they are ALL amazing women of God, and I can't wait to go back and visit again this month. Each one is unique and has a personality that perfectly suits her--they are just so way cool!

Of course, another copy of "Riven" would go over hugely, but I'm working on that. To date I've purchased 5 copies and given them away, with one still on my shelf. So far, God says I can keep that one!

ARC's and Galleys are okay to donate...they feel cool when they get those kinds of books:-) Only problem with those is they don't hold up well to heavy reading. But anything you can part with will be greatly appreciated.

My niece just received word that she must graduate from the program, which means she will be there until at least July 2009. This is hard for her mom and her fiance, but we know beyond any doubt that it is God's will for her.

Please keep the women of Madera mission in your prayers, and many thanks to those who've donated books!

Happy Reading!


Edited to add: Even AUTHORS are generously giving to this effort. The women keep talking about the books they are receiving, and are amazed at the outpouring of generosity from people they don't even know, giving them books that will not only entertain, but educate and inspire them.

The director shared with me that sometimes tensions get high inside the house (of course, with seven + women, that isn't surprising to me!). When the drama starts up, they pop in ear plugs, which they have purchased themselves, pick up a book, and chill.

And they do this in addition to their Bible studies, lessons, counseling, assignments, household duties, and this is their FREE TIME. Can you imagine! What a Kingdom thing you're all doing, and what a reward will be in eternity for you!

You all ROCK, author and bloggy family, You just ROCK!! God bless you for your help with this God designed mission of reading!

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Jerry Jenkins said...

That's great to hear about Riven! Thanks! If you need a half dozen more copies, just let me know.

Jerry B. Jenkins