Sunday, January 4, 2009

Faith n' Fiction Saturdays (a day late!)

My Friend Amy, who brought us Book Blogger Appreciation Week has a new carnival in the works, the Faith 'n Fiction Saturday.

Each week she will post a blogging prompt, which participating bloggers will answer on their own blogs. Then they head back to the original post and sign Mister Linky! This way we can all come to know each other more closely.

What are your reading goals for the new year? Do you have plans to read through the Bible or complete any Bible studies? Do you hope to expand your reading horizons or reread some old favorites? Do you want to read more fiction or non-fiction? Do you want to increase the amount of Christian fiction you read? Do you have any goals for reading as it relates to your blog?

One goal I have is to make my blog more ministry oriented. God showed last year how much a blog can be used to touch lives if it is dedicated to serving Him, no matter what the subject matter is. Hence, my posts about the Madera Mission Women.

Another goal I have is to do some reading that benefits my soul. I have to read books so quickly in order to get them reviewed that sometimes they fly by and I find I've missed it. The point, that is.

So I've created another blog titled "Going Deeper", where I post discussions on the meaty things I've been reading. Currently, I'm taking readers on a tour through "The Beautiful Fight" by Gary Thomas. Other selections may include "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan, "Riven" by Jerry B. Jenkins and others.

I'm also in a giving frame of mind this year. I'm developing creative ways to offer more books to more people. Right now, I've started 'Roll Call Giveaways' where you simply let me know you're out there, and you can win book packages.

I also hope to be a more faithful reader at my favorite blogs. It's too easy to get caught up in the busyness of my blog and neglect my friends. For that, I humbly apologize. It isn't that I think I'm more important; I just get so easily distracted. Yet, they are just as much or more worthy of reading as I am.

One last goal is to introduce you to authors you may not have yet discovered through my "Author of the Month" features, introduce you to industry people through "Special Friends" moments, as well as some stellar bloggers and great friends.

So lots of good stuff will be happening here at My Bookshelf. Oh, one more thing: if all goes well, we may be expanding from "My Bookshelf" to "The Bookshelf", with more reviews by more bloggers.

Keep that last one in prayer for me, okay?

Happy Reading!



Lynn Squire said...

Wow, you've got some great ideas for this year. May God richly bless you in your endeavors.

Andi said...

You're awesome girl! You have a lot of wonderful ideas and inspire me to be not only a better blogger but to go deeper with God myself. I pray that God will use and richly bless you this year! All my love Andi

Amy said...

I have every confidence this will be a wonderful year for your Bookshelf. May God continue to bless you Deena!