Thursday, October 16, 2008

In The Beginning, The Art of Genesis by Chuck Fischer


I've never been a huge fan of pop up books, simply because they always seem so easily damaged. This one, however, is well worth the investment and can become a family treasure!

"In The Beginning: The Art of Genesis" is one of the most intricate and exquisite books I've ever held. The detail is amazing, and you instinctively know to carefully turn each page.

The depth of design is rich, although some of the images might be considered 'mature'. While this is a children's book, it actually transcends the genre.

Each detail of the story is told in a miniature booklet on the page, while your eyes drink in the images that 'appear' as the pages are turned.

Most definitely, I'd call this a treasure rather than a children's book. Perfect for families who want to celebrate the creation and the One who created. I'd recommend this book to grandparents and parents who want to teach their children the beauty of God's creation and the beginning of us.

I'm rating this one four out of five bookmarks, simply because a few of the artistic pieces are too artistic for my taste, but giving it a magnifying glass as a charm so you won't miss a thing!

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Happy Reading!


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