Thursday, October 16, 2008

Guys Like Girls Who by Chad Eastham

My youngest daughter, KT, is SO excited about attending REVOLVE next weekend! We went together two years ago and it was a wonderful time of mother/daughter bonding, as well as an opportunity for spiritual growth for BOTH of us.

One of the most exciting events for KT was hearing Chad Eastham, and to this day she flips out if he has a new book or DVD coming out. So, in honor of her, I picked up a copy of his latest. I'm reading it now, she's reading it over the weekend, and then we've got a mom/daughter thing planned for next week before she leaves.

I'm so thankful for men of integrity and a desire to encourage wise behavior. Chad Eastham has been a huge blessing in our lives, and I'm hoping you'll take a peek at his work, especially "Guys Like Girls Who".

Chad Eastham is just a guy who loves to know how teens think. He's committed to helping girls understand guys as well as they can, and to debunking the lies our society feeds girls on how to 'get a guy'.

I've read everything, heard him speak, and I trust his viewpoint implicitly. He's funny, he's bold, and he's passionate about purity and that young women are treasures of God.

You've GOTTA love a young man like that!

He's also honest and transparent. Some of what he knows has been gleaned the hard way...through mistakes. But when I bounce his writing off of my teen aged son, I'm told Chad is pretty much nailing it.

In his latest book, my all time favorite line is his opening one: "I can hear a pin drop." In a stadium filled with 10,000 TEEN-AGED's deathly quiet.


Because he opens his talk with the statement "Guys like girls who..." and leaves it there for a moment. Moms (and Dads), that speaks volumes about how important Chad's message is to our daughters, nieces, granddaughters, and church youth.

In a society that is over exposed and under nourished spiritually, Chad's book is SO encouraging and refreshing. Filled with admonishments toward modesty (he quotes Natalie Grant: "Modest is Hottest!"), quizzes to check behavior and tendencies, and quotes from actual guys and girls, his book reads like a conversation over Cokes and fries.

Chad covers dress, appearance, attitude, 'cling-bots', and not counting on finding lots of guys, but waiting for God's guy to come into your life. He encourages friendships over relationships, and speaks from his heart in a language teens can get.

I'm giving his newest book, "Guys Like Girls Who" five out of five bookmarks, with a plate of spaghetti noodles as a charm. Be watching for my daughter's POV next, as well as a mother/daughter interview about Chad's book.

Happy Reading!


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