Friday, September 12, 2008

The Rook by Steven James


Fans of gritty criminal thrillers have a new author to fall in love with! Steven James knows how to create pulse pounding drama with a genuine, realistic ring that will keep you flipping pages until the very end!

Special Agent Patrick Bowers had his hands full in "The Pawn." Working hard to legitimize his specialty of environmental criminology, dealing with his step-daughter and working to make a real family after the death of his wife, and getting used to a new partner in the field... who's philosophy of crime solving collides head on with his own! But he ain't seen NUTHIN' yet, as evidenced in the adrenaline rush called "The Rook".

A serial arsonist. A hormone and angst driven step-daughter. A tenuous relationship forming between them...and between Agent Bowers and Special Agent Lien-hua. It seems no matter which way he turns, Patrick is dealing with more than he realizes.

Is Agent Bowers hunting phantoms from his past--or is his enemy much closer than he would ever imagine? What is it that "Shade" will do anything to get his hands on...and what will it mean to our security as a nation--as a modern civilization?

Filled with technical jargon that will make your head spin, it's enough to make you wonder if Steven James is a secret FBI agent himself! Everything, from the criminology to the science behind this mysterious weapon has a ring of truth to it.

And suspense on every page! Honestly, people...Jack Bauer move over, 'cause Patrick Bowers is taking your place!! And his life is WAY more complicated than just a mere 24 hours' worth!

My only sadness is simple--the most simple aspect of this entire experience...and that is waiting the agonizing next 6 months for the next Bower Thriller--March 2009 and we will see "The Knight"!

I'm giving "The Rook" five out of five bookmarks, with a raven as a charm. Needing an adrenaline rush tonight? Pick up "The Rook"...but be prepared to become sleep-deprived:-)

Happy Reading!


P.S. Sorry for the abbreviated review...Blogger has been giving me fits the last few days...not saving edits and cutting off my posts...but it's all good:-)


SmilingSally said...

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm confused about the directions to win a book. I have no idea if I've done it correctly. Could you make it a bit clearer?

Crystal M. said...

Is this review cut off at the top? Hopefully it wasn't deleted.
~Crystal M.

tetewa said...

Sounds like a good crime thriller!