Wednesday, September 3, 2008

One Extraordinary Day by Harold Myra


This little book doesn't pack quite the punch of similar books, but it wasn't designed to do so. Instead, it serves as a gentle reminder...having its own unique voice. I found it delightful and refreshing. I have total confidence that it will find its own audience among those who are discouraged, downtrodden...or lost in the wilderness of this world.

Harold Myra's "One Extraordinary Day" tells the story of a man named David. His job has been downsized and he feels disillusioned by the work he does. No appreciation, no recognition, and no satisfaction have driven him to the edge of burnout.

His wife, Marcia, encourages him to just get away from everything for one day. Realizing the wisdom in her counsel, David books himself in a hotel far out in the wilderness area, hoping to find something to encourage him.

What David finds is more than he bargained for...a mysterious stranger who offers mysterious advice that makes absolutely no sense...until..., did you REALLY think I was going to tell you?? Then you'd have no reason to go out and buy this wonderful little book! And you have many reasons, because too many are suffering from disillusion and discouragement these days.

Both believers and those who don't believe are lost in the wilderness of this world at times, and both need this gentle yet powerful reminder found in "One Extraordinary Day".

Thus, I'm giving it five out of five bookmarks, with an autumn leaf as a charm...something that always seems to bring out the hope in MY soul...and I'm hoping this little book will bring out the hope in YOURS.

Happy Reading!



Kim said...

Hmmmm....I didn't like this one. I think I'll link to your review when I post this little guy. Different opinions make the world go round.


Anonymous said...

I just finished this one today, and didn't enjoy it either. I love writing recommendation reviews, but I'm afraid I can't this time.

Kim said...

Deena, I did include a link to this review in my post for tomorrow since I didn't particularly "get" this one!


Donna J. Shepherd said...

I gave this short book a mixed review. I wanted to like it, and certain parts of it were charming, but overall, it fell flat. Just my two cents. :) Glad you liked it though! It's nice to read a different point of view. Bless you, Donna

Unknown said...

It wasn't necessarily my favorite, but I could see someone in the character's shoes finding inspiration in the story. I'm most definitely not the target audience, but it's good for those who may have lost hope or feel lost in life.

Andi said...

I loved this little book! With all the hub-bub going on about the Shack which in my opinion is so far out of left field! This book was right on target! I found it to be a nice little gem! It's definitely worth 5 out of 5 stars for me!