Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Christian Counseling and Education Foundation Mini Books


I received a wonderful resource in today's mail that I'm so excited about! Christian Counseling and Education Foundation has introduced a set of 21 mini books that deal with a variety of topics today's families face.

Each book is topic specific. No wading through huge volumes to dig out that one nugget of wisdom you need for a friend or family member. Simply pick up the book that applies to the situation you're facing, and read away!

Topics include: Divorce Recovery, Single Parents, Recovering From Child Abuse, How Do I Stop Losing It With My Kids, Peer Pressure...and so much more! I was EXTREMELY thankful for the book on Single Parents and Healing After Abortion today...a very timely package...Thank You, God! (And Audra:-)

Each book is packed with Biblical counsel and tons of Scripture references. They're short...only about 24 pages each on average. They are also inexpensive enough that you could pick up two copies and share them with a friend in crisis.

Pastors and counselors, take note! My husband and I are in ministry, and I can guarantee you we'll get great use of these mini books! The church has remained silent for too long on too many struggles families are facing, and if we don't give our people answers and a safe place to seek them, who will?

I highly recommend this mini book set, and I'm awarding the entire series the Golden Bookmark award for publishing excellence. You may not agree with everything the books have to say, but the counsel found in them is, in my opinion, Biblically sound.

Happy Reading!


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