Monday, August 18, 2008

On Tour with Trish Perry and "Beach Dreams"!!


As my portion of this tour, here's my interview with author, Trish Perry:

1)You took characters from another author's series (Sally John) and blended them with characters from your two books. How difficult was that to do?

Actually, I loved the fact that Sally had created two characters who were just waiting for my characters when they arrived in San Diego! Both of Sally’s characters are meant to be constants in any installment in The Beach House Series. They’re easy to picture and really are very special men. I loved the chance to have them interact with my characters and help them through some of the conflicts of the story.

2) What influenced your decision to merge the two storylines and 'take the mantle' of the Beach House books on?

To be honest, my first motivation was just the fact that Harvest House wanted to give me another contract! I’ll never take my next contract for granted, regardless of how many I get during my career as a writer. But before I spent one calorie of energy trying to think of how I’d populate the story, my editor suggested the two characters she and I had discussed before—Jeremy and Tiffany. Once I knew I’d have the opportunity to create their story, my motor was fully revved.

3) Every story has a message. What's the message from "Beach Dreams" in a nutshell?

God’s guidance should be every believer’s touchstone. We do ourselves a disservice when we forget to keep turning to Him for direction. Constantly! Otherwise, not only might we misjudge the intentions and feelings of others, we might miss out on blessings He has waiting for us and protection He provides for our hearts. We need to ask Him repeatedly to guide our paths and our understanding.

4) Where's your "Beach House" place?

I’m not a big fan of travelling, really. Even when I get away to a lovely place, I’m always eager to get back home. Actually, my “beach house” place is curled up in my comfy, oversized chair with a good novel (or in a hot Jacuzzi with a good novel). Never hurts to have a sizable chunk of fudge on hand at such moments, either.

5) How important do you think it is for women (or all believers) to have a place in their lives like this beach house?

I feel like I spend very little time on my own, so when I think of “beach house” moments, I think of moments of solitude (or moments alone with God). I love being with people—love talking, listening, laughing. But I go a little nuts if I don’t get alone from time to time. From conversations I’ve had with other women, I think most of us feel this way. I don’t mean to generalize about either gender, but men seem to be able to compartmentalize better than women do, so they may not feel quite the same need for periodic physical isolation as women do.

Of course, in The Beach House series, none of the characters really spend much time alone. But they certainly get away from their everyday routines. For women, that often means time away from everyone who needs something from them. I think that’s absolutely important.

6) What's on your "to read" list?

I’m reading Water for Elephants, by Sara Gruen, and Digging to America, by Anne Tyler. Then I’m going to read Demon: A Memoir, by Tosca Lee. I haven’t planned any further ahead than that yet.

7) Any music on your stereo/iPod that has grabbed at your heart lately?

This week I’m listening to an interesting CD by Robert Downey, Jr. (who knew he sang?!). Chris Botti’s When I Fall in Love is gorgeous. And TobyMac’s Renovating->Diversity; I love all but one song on that one. I enjoy a wide variety of music, and I tend to go from listening to one style to listening to something completely opposite in mood and genre.

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