Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Live: NLT Bible by Tyndale Publishers


This is a real first for me. I'm a Bible fanatic--love to read the Word, study it, teach it, and discover new Bibles. Especially Bibles that have appeal for young adults and teens.

I nearly came unglued when I laid eyes on "Live", the latest New Living Translation Bible published by Tyndale! With initial eye appeal for today's teen and young adult, this one hooked me from the design alone, and then fascinated me with the features in this one.

"Live" is unique in that much of the artwork and design came from students. The phrase on the 'wrapper' states "God speaks. We Respond. Live The Conversation." To that I say "AMEN!"

With world events all around us coming unraveled (in our eyes, not in His), it's time to get serious about getting into God's Word. "Live" will encourage young people (and people such as me--Bible freaks) to look at God's Word through fresh eyes.

Besides being an easy to read translation, "Live" features 'Bible GPS' that includes 'Looking For Answers', 'Where To Turn', 'One-Chapter-Per-Day-Bible-Reading-Plan', and a key word concordance.

What I found most intriguing was the section 'Real-Life Inspiration', a listing of true stories written by young people from all different backgrounds and walks of life. Testimonies of the power of God's Word in the life of people--powerful stuff!

With Russia on the move, Israel in the cross hairs, Iran rumbling and mumbling...it's time to become people of the Book. Please, don't get your theology from culture, from books, or from fiction (YIKES!)...get it from GOD'S WORD!

I'm giving "Live" the bookmark of excellence...I'm not goofy enough to rate God on His writing:-) But I give high fives to Tyndale for creating "Live". With school just around the corner, why not send your student back with a copy?

Happy Reading!


P.S. Oh, yeah, it comes with a poster and stickers...whatever... (direct quote from my two teens:-)

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Anonymous said...

Though I left my teens quite awhile ago, this seems like a great Bible. I've been looking for something new... maybe this is it!