Friday, August 8, 2008

Dog Days of Summer Giveaway #9!!

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Summer in the Peterson home is winding down. My kids go back to school August 25th...and that's just around the corner.

We have only 2 or 3 more DDOS Giveaways left...but don't be sad. I've cooked up a GINORMOUS giveaway of record proportions for My Bookshelf, and I'll be announcing it next week.

This week's giveaway is a set of two books--one for you and one for your husband, your pastor, your youth pastor...or anyone.


To read my review, click on the book cover. This is the perfect book to read before sending your kids, especially your sons, back to school.

I'm offering five sets of two...and I'll pick my five winners on Friday, August 15th!

Leave me a comment and tell me who one of your spiritual heroes is, and you'll be entered to win.

My hero? My husband, Pastor Dave. He's the coolest and deepest guy I know, and he loves me like Jesus.

Happy Reading!



windycindy said...

Hello! I also enjoyed Tim Russert and his relationship with his son. Even though he has lost his father, he has a rich heritage to live the rest of his life with! I have two sons that I am sending off to school. My spiritual mentor is my sister that is ten years older than me. She is not only my best sister, she is my best friend! Please enter me in your drawing. I appreciate it. Thanks, Cindi

Tarasview said...

well... it may sound cheesy but my spiritual hero is Mother Teresa... oh to be that unselfish!!!!

oh... and I love my pastor husband too :)

apple blossom said...

Mine spiritual hero would have to be a pastor I had growing up. My senior year in high school and some of my college summers I worked in the church office. He was so down to earth. I loved him.

Anonymous said...

One of my spiritual heroes is Dennis Jernigan. My uncle introduced my family to Dennis's music after my sister died in 1997. We lived only 45 minutes away from him and over the years I have worshipped in person with Dennis many, many times. I attended the church that he went to for a year and got to know him a little bit personally. His books, his music, his very humble and friendly personality have never stopped ministering to me, and if the Lord blesses me with a son someday I hope to name him after this man of God who has taught me so much about having a relationship with my Lord.

Thank you for the chance to win!

bevsclark said...

My spiritual hero was my Father. He didn't accept Jesus until later in his life, but when he did, he couldn't get enough. He read everything, watched everything and said his favorite word was JOY because that is what it was like having Jesus in your life. When my Dad died of Cancer 3 years ago, while I was extremely devasted, I was also filled with Joy because I knew he was where he needed to be...wrapped in the arms of Jesus.

Ben said...

One of my spiritual heroes would have to be my pastor. I count myself very lucky!

Thanks for the chance to win.

Merry said...

One of my heroes of the faith is George Muller. I've read his autobiography several times and I am always inspired by his prayer life and his amazing faith! My hero today is my husband; he is a man of vision, compassion and great love for others.