Sunday, August 17, 2008

Concerning "The Shack"...

Hello again, Reading Buddies!

I've read time and again about the controversy regarding "The Shack" by William Young. I was blessed to read this book before the "buzz" about it reached my ears. I picked it up (I thought) of my own free will, simply searching for something new, something no one else was get a fresh and first look at a book.

So my review was a pure reaction to my reading of the book. It had no basis in anyone's opinion but my own.

Since then, I've been questioned, challenged, and rebuked for my take on this book. So, I'm re-opening the discussion here, and again urging you to take a fresh look at this little, controversial book.

Go here, watch the interviews with the author. There are on the Quicktime link and watch what he has to say about his journey and his book. Hear the answers to what others have called a warped view of God. Then, decide whether you'll take the journey to "The Shack".

I do this in love, and with much respect for your personal opinions on the matter.

Happy Reading!



Tarasview said...

Personally I can't wait to read the Shack!

Anonymous said...

I just finished the book today. Keep your eyes peeled for my review. :-)

Kim said...

I was asked to review this one, Deena. It's in my TBR stack. After the recent non-fiction review that was so difficult, I'm going to wait a bit longer before I tackle this one. I'm being asked about it a lot though. Seeing you re-post about it makes me think I should move it to the head of the stack. Hmmmmmm?


ReadingRobin said...

I too read it long before the controversy and I LOVED it and have turned many people on to it and they too loved it. I have had only one person say something negative about it. Our book club is reviewing it in October and they are all excited as they have already read it. Read it with an open mind and's FICTION!!!