Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tartarus by Jack Cavanaugh


Do NOT read a novel by Jack Cavanaugh if your mind can't stretch like a rubber band and snap back undamaged! His creative thoughts push the boundaries that Frank Peretti broke through decades ago. Jack takes what we understand and what we know...and he guarantees you will not return from this reading experience the same.

"Tartarus" is the second book in the Kingdom Wars all began with "A Hideous Beauty". That supernatural thriller left me breathless and TOTALLY ready for the sequel!

I wasn't disappointed.

Grant Austin, as we learned in KW: Book 1, isn't like the rest of us. Because of this, he can see things in the spiritual realm that the ordinary man or woman cannot see. While this might sound cool, it is anything BUT--and things get superheated in this spiritually charged novel.

A set of manuscripts has been discovered--and one of them could very well contribute to the undoing of Christianity as we know it. The appearance of "Jesus" soon after simply adds credence to the claims of this manuscript.

Thanks to the advances of the media, his claims, miracles, and "wise-cracks" are broadcast around the world. Soon, the church finds herself in decline, and people are flocking to this fake savior. Or is he fake?

It's up to Grant and his companions to either prove or disprove what's captivated the world. Oh, one more isn't as easy as it looks!

With eyes in the spiritual world like no other, Jack puts his ample Biblical knowledge to work in this mind-bending thriller. Be prepared to go where no other author (except maybe Frank Peretti--and he didn't go further up and deeper in!) has dared to take you before.

I'm giving "Tartarus" five out of five bookmarks, with a magnifying glass as a charm...examine the spirits carefully...don't be fooled!

Happy Reading!


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