Friday, February 1, 2008

May I Introduce to you: The Unusual Suspect by Stephen Baldwin (AND A GIVEAWAY)


Here we are in a brand new month with a brand new theme...and our first biography is going to be our first giveaway! How cool is that?!? So, may I introduce to you Stephen Baldwin and his autobiography, "The Unusual Suspect".


Stephen Baldwin is known as the rough and rowdy Baldwin brother. He's made guest appearances on such shows as "Law & Order", starred in a Jesse Stone movie with Tom Selleck, and came to motion picture fame in a movie titled "The Usual Suspects" with Kevin Spacey.

Lately, he's done a lot of reality television, from bullriding on CMT to the board room on "The Celebrity Apprentice". But nothing is more important than the book he has written titled "The Unusual Suspect", a chronicle of his journey to faith in Christ and his life thus far.

Stephen had it all...beautiful wife, great family, his career was taking off...he wasn't living a life of addiction and various other trials and tribulations. But one day it hit him just how empty his life was, and that was the first step on his journey to Jesus Christ.

Stephen's testimony of how he came to Christ is worth reading on its own...but his life as a believer of genuine and honest faith is what impressed me the most. See, when God saved Stevie B (as he is known to fans and friends), He redeemed him, He transformed him...

...but He left him Stevie B! And Stephen Baldwin's out loud personality is all over this biography, making it one of the most entertaining, informative and fascinating ones I've ever had the privilege of reading.

Be warned...he does use some language that some would find offensive. Problem is, it fits who the Baldwin brothers are...rough and tumble brothers of Hollywood who take no prisoners and never back down from a challenge. He's real, he's honest, and his faith in Christ goes to the bone.

I rejoiced at learning how his family is responding to his faith in Christ...but I'll leave that for you to discover on your own. I highly admire Stevie B, and my kids know it! While I may not agree with every method he uses to get the Gospel out to the youth of today, I do admire his dedication to God's call on his life.

Pray for the other Baldwin brothers. I want to see the entire clan come to Christ, and then Hollywood, watch out!! I'm giving "The Unusual Suspect" six out of five bookmarks, with a tiny Brahman bull as a memory of Stevie B's broken collarbone:-)

Wanna win your own copy? Leave me a comment telling me which Hollywood celeb is on your prayer list, and I'll pick a winner next Friday!

Happy Reading!



Amy said...

Sounds like a really fantastic book. I have several episodes of Celebrity Apprentice waiting for me to watch, but the first one was soo funny! I need to get caught up on it.

I may sound a bit fangirly, but I pray for Brad Pitt. He's from Missouri (my homestate) and I see a lot of good qualities in him, in regards to caring for others. I wish everyone knew Jesus.

Anonymous said...

I loved him in Young Riders and I wondered how this book was. Thank you for the review.

I'm praying for actresses like Amanda Bynes. She's kept it pretty clean for Hollywood so far and I pray that she keeps it up. She could turn out to be a decent role-model.

windycindy said...

I have heard some about his lift situation. What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger. Right now, Brittany Spears is at the top of my list. Her parents, her sister, her two sons, etc. Cindi

Tidy Bowl said...

Right now? that's a no brainer...
Sometimes I wonder why the paparazzi won't leave Brittney Spears alone. Even though I know why they won't leave her alone... it's still awful and I still pray for her. What a mess.

I've heard about Stephen Baldwin and even seen a few interviews where he speaks quite boldly about his faith in Jesus Christ. It's really rather inspiring. I've never read his autobiography (I didn't even know he HAD an autobiography!) but I would certainly be interested in it. His is a story of great redemption and change. Almost a Saul/Paul kind of thing. It's amazing what God can do.


Danielle said...

Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan.
They seem to "have it all" but their lives seem to be disintegrating before our eyes! It just goes to show that with or without money, you still need God!
dansan826 at

Karen said...

I am really admiring him on The Apprentice!

My thoughts and prayers are with Britney. I had an occasion to meet her when she was dating Justin (who is from the same area as me) and she was really a sweet girl. I just think she is in the grips of some mental issues that would be difficult to deal with under normal circumstances, much less the added things she has that are pushing her to the extreme. My hope is that people will be able to save her before disaster (such as Heath Ledger) and pull her out of the depths. This is also the time to educate children (and other adults for that matter) on mental illness and treatment instead of demeaning her and judging her for decisions that she is making while suffering through this.

kpuleski at gmail dot com

tetewa said...

I think he's doing great on The Apprentice! I'd like to be included for the draw.

Anonymous said...

Well not having a tv has it's advantages.. I don't know who is who in hollywood anymore.. but my google reader still bombards me with Brittany updates. So she would have to be at the top of the list. Those poor little babies of hers. She needs help.

Blogged ya:

NeedANap2 said...

I'm excited you're offering this as a giveaway - it is amazing what God has done in Stephen Baldwin's life and how he's boldly proclaiming it. (I didn't know he had a biography either!)

Prayer - there are several from Hollywood that seem to come up from time-to-time but lately it's been the Spears family. They seem to be going through lots of issues right now!