Thursday, November 8, 2007

Some Light Housekeeping!!!

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There are three things I love about this blog:

1) Getting books to review.

2) Reviewing books.

3) Giving away books I've reviewed.

But, I'm having trouble with that last one, and I just don't know what to do! I just hosted three more book giveaways, and had to toss out some of the entries.

Why? you ask.

Because I had no way to contact the winners. One had a profile, but I couldn't access it. Another had no profile, and left no email. Another had a profile, a blog...but not one blog post on the blog, so I couldn't leave a comment, and again, no email.

I LOVE to give away free books! And I love to have a variety of winners. My contests are fair and impartial...even the comments that plead for the book get tossed into the same hat at!

But I cannot draw a winner that I am unable to make contact with. Most who enter don't return to see if they've won. And I understand that. You're busy people with busy lives, and you may enter lots of drawings and not remember which blogs you visited (a good way to fix that is to either bookmark my blog or link to it on yours...but we won't go there!).

SO, please, before you enter a drawing here, read my contest rules. And trust me with your email or your blog title at least by leaving it in your comment. I promise, I won't share it, sell it, or spam it.

Okay...golly, I hate having to post this...but it breaks my heart to pick a home for a book and then have to pick another one...just because I couldn't contact the person.

That is all!

Watch for more giveaways coming soon! And check out the fantabulous giveaway hosted by Author Robert Liparulo!!

Happy Reading!



Shanda said...

Hey Deena,
I just wanted to make sure that you got my email...Thanks for all you do!!


John Divito said...

I think one of the problems is bloggers (using blogger) don't realize that they need to checkmark the setting that allows others to see their blog when they leave a comment. This was the problem when I used my husband's account. :)