Thursday, November 8, 2007

I'll Bring the Chocolate by Karen Porter

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With Christmas peeking around the corner, I thought I'd share a book that would make a wonderful gift, and is such fun to read!

"I'll Bring the Chocolate" by Karen Porter is an inspirational book about, of course, chocolate, and how friendships and relationships in women's lives are a lot like chocolate.

Sounds good? That's because it is!

This little hardcover book is well written and filled with all kinds of inspirational and fun stuff. Karen writes about eight ways friends can help one another enjoy life to the full--the way God designed us to live!

She has included true life stories, many from her own experiences, that are candid and applicable. Each chapter ties in with a particular chocolate flavor or chocolate form--the chapter on Chocolate kisses had me grinning and nodding my head in agreement with her wise words.

Not only does this book have wonderful inspiration, it also has fun quotes and trivia about chocolate, as well as recipes and ideas for how to be a more "chocolate" kind of friend and mentor.

The foreward is written by everyone's favorite comedian Anita Renfroe, and that alone is worth buying the book! This is one of the most enjoyable "gal pal" books that I've read in some time.

I give "I'll Bring the Chocolate" five out of five bookmarks, with a cocoa bean charm...I thought about a Hershey's Kiss, but I was afraid someone would sneak by and eat it!

Buy a copy or two for your favorite "chocolate friend"...she'll love you for it! And don't forget a copy for you as well!!

Happy Reading!


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Anonymous said...

You may have just helped out my Christmas list. That sounds like a wonderful gift. I'll have to run by and see if I can find it at the local bookstores.