Sunday, October 7, 2007

A Quarter After Tuesday by Jo Kadlecek

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The second installment of The Lightfoot Trilogy is an enjoyable story with the flair and flavor of New Orleans. Made me want a cup of chicory and a beignet!

Jonna Lightfoot MacLaughlin has relocated to Louisiana as the religion reporter for the New Orleans Banner. One of her co-workers asks her to do a story on a local retirement home--HIS Home--and it leads her to a mystery that has many threads.

Harmony Interfaith Senior Manor is a charming retirement home for elderly of all races and branches of Christianity. Founded in the 60's, it is home to some of the most fascinating older men and women, and quickly works its way into Jonna's heart.

Most troubling is a pending autopsy report on the most recent death of a HIS Manor resident. There are rumblings about elder abuse in local retirement homes, and Jonna grows concerned that HIS has been targeted for closing.

In the mix is a wacky voodoo lady trying to make her point through the press, and Jonna's own spiritual journey is told a little more thoroughly in this story. We get to meet another of Jonna's brothers, and they are characters in a very good sense!

The resolution was one I saw coming a mile away...sort of. I mean, I had a feel for what was brewing and who was the chef, but not how it ultimately all played out. So it was a satisfying, yet frustrating read.

I loved the flavor and flair of New Orleans, with all its quirkiness and history. This story was worth reading just for that alone. But Jonna is also a character who grows on you. I'm happy to let you know there's one more Lightfoot novel in the works!

I'm giving "A Quarter After Tuesday" four out of five bookmarks, with a beignet charm...and I'm hoping Jonna finally quits smoking by the end of the third novel. It's not good for her, and she knows it!

Happy Reading!


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