Saturday, October 6, 2007

Days and Hours by Susan Meissner

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My favorite genre is mystery and suspense, but I'm always looking for that mystery that's a little different. Either it's edgy, or gritty, or takes a deeper look at the people behind the mystery.

That's the kind of story that Susan Meissner writes...the story behind the story. And I love the way she does it.

"Days and Hours" is the third book in the Rachael Flynn mystery series. In "Widows and Orphans" Rachael helps to uncover truth about the crime her own brother is accused of committing. In the process, she shines the light on human trafficking, and on the cost of caring too much.

In "Sticks and Stones", Rachael comes to the aid of an anonymous letter writer who leads her to a hidden body...a body that has been hidden for twenty-five years. Bullying and teasing are soon exposed in a powerful way, and the guilty are brought to justice.

Now, in the most recent Rachael mystery, a baby is found abandoned in a trash dumpster and Rachael is the county attorney assigned to the case. The mother cries innocent, and Rachael believes her. But when the infant disappears again after being returned to his mother, did Rachael do the right thing?

Assisted by "Artners in Crime", Rachael sets out to uncover who really took Leo and abandoned him to the elements. Trace, Rachael's husband, and his good friend Figaro (Fig) lead the team of artists who sketch out possible scenarios to help her come to the true conclusion.

Behind the story of Leo's disappearance is the struggle of the single parent, mothers in particular. Marcie has three children, all from different fathers, and she struggles to raise them alone. Her support group is composed of single mothers and led by volunteer Ivy Judson, once a single mom herself.

My hat is off to single parents. I've only tasted of the situation, but what little I experienced showed me how hard it can be. In today's high pressure world, with all the demands on us as women, to bear that alone makes you a hero in my book.

Susan is also a pro at giving you a bucket of suspects, all plausible, but not giving away who did it until the very last moment. Expect some twists and turns along the way in this story, but you'll enjoy them!

I've got an email out to Susan asking if we can expect to see more of Rachael and company. I absolutely love the supporting characters in these stories, especially Fig.

I give "Days and Hours" a full five out of five bookmarks, with a bonus kitty charm...and again, you'll have to read it to find out why! Start with "Widows and Orphans" so you won't miss a moment with Rachael.

Happy Reading!


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Nise' said...

I so appreciate it that you let us know if the book you are reviewing is in a series and where it falls in that series! I do not like to start a book and then find out it is part of a series!