Monday, February 19, 2007

Dark Blue: Color Me Lonely by Melody Carlson

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Remember when I encouraged you to read beyond yourself? I also said I was going to read Melody Carlson's series "True Colors" to help me be a better encourager and counselor to my daughter and her friends.

This might be the best idea I've had since I started blogging!

First in the series of 10 books is "Dark Blue", a novel that deals with loneliness and broken friendships. When you are a teenaged girl, friends are everything to you.

So when Kara's lifelong friendship with Jordan disintegrates, she is left feeling isolated and alone, and in her second year of high school, no less. She spirals into a depression and tries desperately to just become invisible.

But God is good, and His plan for her life included a seemingly accidental art class. Through meeting Edgar and others, she is introduced to Jesus, and finds she never has to be alone again.

The dialogue is genuine...I felt like I was back in high school again, dealing with the same issues Kara faced. I was very lonely and very unpopular, and struggled to be ok with myself... the sad thing: I was a believer, but not a strong one.

I love the way salvation is presented and Kara's response to it. I encourage moms and daughters to read this series together. It will encourage dialogue and bonding, as well as help communication flourish.

This is only book one..I have nine more to go...and the future volumes deal with hot topics such as cutting, greed, jealousy, and be watching for more reviews!!

Happy Reading!


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